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Why Hire a Competent Immigration Consultant?

Many people ask: why should I hire an immigration consultant? That’s a very reasonable question, especially after seeing all the valuable information easily accessible on the Internet, such as blogs, forum discussions, regulations, acts, application forms, Facebook groups, etc.

Honestly speaking, anybody can submit their own application, but do you want to use the trial and error method for something as important as your immigration status? I would definitely say no.

While there are plenty of sources online, and even an official government website with tips on how to proceed, all of this is useless if you choose the wrong immigration pathway. Many clients come to me after they’ve ruined an application on their own.

Bear in mind that choosing the wrong category to apply for, providing the wrong documentation, sending an application to the wrong visa office, or even something as simple as using outdated forms will cause an unnecessary delay in your application process and cost you money.

For instance, some international students pay around $30,000 annually for tuition and spend 4 years completing their studies, only to live in Canada. All that effort and money is wasted, if it turns out there was an easier pathway all along. In other words, not hiring a competent immigration consultant to save a few bucks, could result in spending more.

There are many immigration consultants in and outside Canada who offer services in this regard. Be careful and do your homework! First, make sure that you are dealing with a member in good standing of The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Second, make sure you choose a competent immigration consultant.

Immigration matters are complex and many things can go wrong. A competent consultant is one who will attend to all the details, so nothing falls through the cracks. Experience in the legal field is a definite plus, as a consultant also needs to be able to interpret the law. With a competent and experienced immigration consultant going the extra mile for you, errors and disappointments are less likely to happen. Welcome to Canada!